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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need to come into the office?
We require that you stop into the office to use our FREE rental service because we need to show you which OPTIONS fit your needs. We will show you photos, floor plans and maps. We will then show the property in person.

What do I need to bring to get my credit checked?
We need to see your photo ID if we deem it necessary to run your credit.
Most properties require two forms of government ID, examples are State ID or Drivers license, Social Security Card, Passport or Student/Worker Visa.

Is there a charge to run my credit?
No, unlike other services we do not charge to pre-qualify you.

Will I save money by using Apartment Options?
Yes, you will be qualified before leaving application fees at the property. Apartment Options will do an extensive search into our database of inventory and offer you the best OPTIONS that are offering move-in specials some of these are advertised and unadvertised.

What type of properties does Apartment Options deal with?
Apartment Options has luxury properties, affordable properties and everything in between.

Will I get OPTIONS the same day?
Yes, please be prepared with a holding deposit so you can reserve the OPTION of your choice.
We are confident you will see something suitable and ask that you bring a $200 holding deposit to reserve a unit and lock in the price. This is important due to the fact that prices often change daily. Please allow enough time to view OPTIONS, typically you should reserve approximately 1-2 hours to complete the process of leaving an application and deposit.

Can you help everyone find their new apartment home?
Yes, as long as you have income or a co-signer. Evictions, foreclosures and even bankruptcy will be accepted by our Landlords.

Can Apartment Options help me purchase a home if I am a 1st Time Home Buyer?
Yes, due to rising rental rates it makes sense to explore your OPTIONS and learn about the opportunity to become a homeowner. We have several mortgage brokers that can assist customers through the process and qualify those with the desire to purchase.